Writing Group Feedback – March 2023

Hi all!

We’re keen to get some feedback on our writing group, as we consider changing days/times and if we will run them over the Summer.

Fill it out here! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScUoW0VyLiL59qn8Gevg3JCQbLR6NICwoa0G6fj1DvWTT1jcA/viewform

Please complete by Thursday 6th April.


2023 Call for Papers!

🚨Call for Papers Alert!🚨

We’re opening up our seminar series for more PhD speakers in 2023!

Bring us your presentations, creative writing or any other way you want to share your research!

Get in touch and make sure to share!

For more details, find our presentation guidelines for this seminar series here: https://histperspectives.wordpress.com/presenting-guidelines/

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Historical Perspectives Call for Papers, 2022-23 (Semester Two) 

Last semester, Historical Perspectives was delighted to welcome so many fantastic postgraduate researchers who shared their fascinating work through talks and panels. Our thanks go out to all our contributors! Our call for papers for the second semester is now open and we’re welcoming contributions for both talks and panels. Talks should respond to our theme for the year, or you could contribute to the following panels: 

Reject Tradition, Embrace Modernity* 

And now a reminder of our theme. We’re not ignoring the mediaevalists and classicists of the world, don’t worry. Nor do we mean the more traditional topics, methodologies, or sources are unwelcome; far from it. But we know current research is varied, inventive, and fresh. Some might be re-addressing the well-trodden topics with new perspectives; others might be carving out new fields. We’re all ‘establishing our niche’ somehow, and we hope that these talks and panels will help dive into the whys and hows. 

Our panels for the year are ‘Let’s deconstruct (just to build again): decolonising knowledge’ and ‘The part-time PhD experience in History’. These are provisionally scheduled for 1st March and 10th May respectively. 

To contribute to a talk session or a panel, please send in an abstract (max 250 words) and a short biography (max 150 words) by Friday 27th January at 5pm to arts-historicalperspectives@glasgow.ac.uk 

Let’s deconstruct, just to build again: decolonising knowledge (1st March, provisional) 

Discussions on decolonising knowledge challenge academics and non-academics to focus on the remnants of colonial power relations that continue to influence knowledge creation about how we see and understand the world, people, and societies. The idea that Western knowledge and culture are somehow the core of a ‘universal knowledge’ goes a long way in the past and continues to prevail until today. The uneven power ties between researchers in the Global North and the Global South continue to exist and affect research. Decolonisation of knowledge is that exact need to deconstruct our way of thinking about knowledge and rebuild it through learning again and in new ways, beyond the shadow of colonialism. Through this panel, we want to contribute to that! 

The part-time PhD experience in History (10th May, provisionally) 

In line with this year’s theme of ‘reject tradition, embrace modernity*’, our second panel will highlight the part-time PhD experience. Perhaps you have care responsibilities, or must work to fund your PhD, or have an internship or other role built into your programme, or part time just suits you! Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that this mode of study is here to stay. Are there issues that particularly affect part-time students; equally, are there advantages or doors opened to you? Do you have a unique story you’d like to share? In short, what would you like others to know about part-time PhD research in history? (Because we’d love to hear it.) 

Social Media Assistant Role opportunity

New Year, new us! 

Come join our team! We’re looking for a helping hand with our social media – this is a great opportunity for a PhD student! 

Please share and get in touch!

#phdopportunity #volunteering #phd #phdstudent #history #twitterstorians 

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Join Our Team! 

We’re looking for someone to help run our social media! 

Alongside our social-media co-ordinator, You would: 

  • Help run our Twitter, Facebook, Eventbrite and WordPress platforms 
  • Scheduling and advertising events 
  • Participating in team discussions and planning 
  • Have opportunities to chair seminars and panels 

This is a voluntary role, and is perfect for gaining some extracurricular experience alongside their PhD. 


Historical Perspectives Newsletter – December 2022

Here’s your Historical Perspective newsletter for December!

December featured two fantastic events with amazing speakers. Thanks to Katherine, Kremena, Jessica and Luke for speaking with us!

Before we take our winter break, we wanted to highlight that we will be posting a new call for papers in Janurary – keep an eye out for more!

And Alana shares her thoughts on the historical period drama Gilmore Girls.

As always, drop us a line at arts-historicalperspectives@glasgow.ac.uk to get in touch.

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December 2022

The roundup

We hosted our second panel of the year on bringing historical research to life. We were delighted to host Kremena Dimitrova, Katherine Mackinnon, and Jessica Secmeszoy-Urquhart for a fascinating and productive discussion.

Rounding off the month was Luke Thrumble sharing his amazing work on British foreign policy in the Cold War. Eagle-eye followers will have recognised Luke from our Twitter conference in August, and we were delighted to welcome him back to hear more about his research.

Coming up

And now for some hibernation!

We’re signing off until the new year where we’ll be bringing you more Historical Perspectives talks, panels, and beyond. Keep your eyes open for our call for papers for the second semester: we’re looking forward to what 2023 has in store.

A perspective on…Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

I know, I know – how is this historical? Well, it happens in the past (so, checkmate) and it’s key in my own personal history. I think if you cut me open, the script is carved there like a stick of rock. Simply put, ‘Gilmore Girls’ takes place in a cosy small town, follows the titular family over seven years, and contains some of the richest characters and dynamics you’ll find on the silver screen. Or is that nearly two decades of bias talking..? Alana 

Historical Perspectives Newsletter – November 2022

Here’s your Historical Perspective newsletter for November!

We had two fantastic events in the last month, and have two more upcoming before the end of the year. Check out more details below!

Also, Sam shares his thoughts on Apple+’s Dickinson!

As always, drop us a line at arts-historicalperspectives@glasgow.ac.uk to get in touch.

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November 2022 

The roundup 

(Is it just us, or has this the been the quickest month?) 

This November, we travelled to sixteenth-century St. Andrews with Ashley Brown, who discussed her fascinating research on masculinities inside the academic ‘bubble’. 

November also saw us host our very first panel on New approaches and different methodologies in historical research. A special thanks to our panellists Erin Burrows, Cameron Maclean, and Claire Turner for sharing their time and work with us. 

Coming up 

A new month? A new panel and talk! 

Come along on Wed 7th Dec at 5pm for our second panel, ‘Bringing historical research to life’. We’ll hear from Kremena Dimitrova, Katherine Mackinnon, and Jessica Secmeszoy-Urquhart on how they creatively share their work. 

Then, join us again on Wed 14th Dec at 5pm to hear from Luke Thrumble on the intricacies of British foreign policy in the Cold War. How better to end the semester? 

A perspective on…Dickinson (2019-2021) Hailee Steinfeld stars as Emily Dickinson in this Apple TV+ exclusive, mixing historical fact about the poet’s life with commentary on the social and gender politics of the era, artistic representations of her poems, and a modern tone straight out of a CW show. A lot of fun, and well executed, even if I’ve fallen off Season 2 due to lack of direction. Sam