Seminar Schedule

Historical Perspectives Seminar Series 2022 – 2023

The theme of this seminar series is ‘Reject Tradition, Embrace Modernity’. This is an open format seminar series, with sessions that feature academic talks, as well as panels, handouts and creative writing pieces. We hope this is an engaging seminar series! These talks are given by PGRs, and feature a variety of historical topics, research methodologies and areas of interest.

We will update the schedule in the future, so keep your eyes on our website and social media!

As of now, here is the upcoming list of seminars. Please click on the embedded link to sign up.

Friday 3rd March 1pm (Zoom)

  • Panel: Let’s Deconstruct (just to build again): Decolonising Knowledge (Part One)
    • Desiree Acholla, (University of Southampton
    • Kremena Dimitrova, (University of Portsmouth)

Wednesday 15th March, 5pm (Zoom)

  • Leaving a memento (more) behind: Examining the Graffiti Tourism of Kirby Hall from the 18th-Century to the Present
    • Emma Bryning (University of York and English Heritage)

Friday 31st March, 1pm (Zoom)

  • Panel: Let’s Deconstruct (just to build again): Decolonising Knowledge (Part Two)
    • Laiqah Osman (University of Cardiff)
    • Shu Wan (University of Buffalo)
    • Matthew Hurst (University of York)

Wednesday 19th April, 5pm (Zoom)

  • Tal: Reject Tradition, Embrace Modernity: Rethinking Our Approach to Studying Royal Women in the Hebrew Bible
    • Karina Atudosie (University of Oxford)
  • Talk: How to Remember a Woman: Rose Dabney Forbes and the Future of Female Biographers
    • Catherine Devlin

Friday 28th April 10am-15:30pm (Zoom)

  • Writing Group Retreat and Social

Wednesday 10th May, 5pm (Zoom)

  • Part-Time PhD Experience
    • Anee Jayaraj
    • Tara Baker

Wednesday, 17th May, 5pm (Zoom)

  • Vernon Watkins: Muse, Fountain and Poet
    • Benjamin Davies (Swansea University)