Presenting guidelines


Historical Perspectives is open to sharing research in many ways, from the traditional to the unorthodox. You might consider the following forms: 

  • Traditional short paper
  • Lightning talk
  • A mini roundtable
  • Informal discussion
  • Working paper or brainstorm
  • Creative or reflective pieces
  • Poster
  • Worksheet or handout 

Think of it as a fifteen-to-twenty-minute slot to structure as you like – provided there’s something concrete to share and discuss, and it links to our theme, we’re happy! After our contributors have spoken, the remaining time is dedicated to a Q&A with attendees.  

If using visual aids, please send us a copy ahead of time in case of any technical difficulties on your end. Let us know if you’d like to keep these private or whether they can be shared with audiences members, should they ask. 


Our audiences are often a mix of students and staff, other interested professionals, and the general public. Keep this in mind: make sure that your language is accessible, and your tone isn’t too formal. It’s also important to be sensitive and give content or trigger warnings where appropriate.  

Whatever format you decide to use, have a practice run to check your timing. The chair will keep you right by giving you a countdown, but it’s best not to be caught out or accidentally run on into your fellow contributor’s slot! 

Other opportunities 

We always invite our speakers, if interested, to contribute to the Historical Perspectives blog. You might submit a summary of your work, expand on something you didn’t get to cover in the session, or write something completely different. Likewise, we offer the opportunity for students to practice their chairing skills in our sessions.  

If you’re keen to write, chair, or suggest other ideas, we’re all ears at 

Summary and checklist  

  • 15–20-minute slot
  • Send us visual aids – even just before is great – and tell us if they’re shareable
  • Be accessible, approachable, and sensitive
  • Practice your timing
  • Enjoy!