Blog submission and writing guide 

Thank you for choosing to write a blog for Historical Perspectives. We are a cross-disciplinary network run by and for postgraduates, fostering discussion on any research approached through a historical lens.  Whatever period, genre, or methodology, we’re interested in exploring all of history’s nooks and crannies.  

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How to write a blog: 

  • Pick a topic that interests you, and something that could be surmised in the short word count. This could be, for instance, about one or more objects or items you have encountered in an archive or museum, an aspect of your research, or an introduction to a historical topic or field.  
  • Generally, blogs are more informal than a journal article, but they can be written very formally or very informally. How you write your blog might depend on the topic, the narrative you want to tell, and your positionality to the research.  
  • This does not mean that don’t need to be researched, however. As you would any other piece of academic work, use this piece as an opportunity to build on other research, and contribute to your field.  
  • Keep it concise! Blogs for Historical Perspectives should be around 800-1000 words, so this is a great chance to practice being concise – an important skill for writing for certain audiences.   
  • Consider the audience of the blog. Historical Perspectives has a general focus on historical research, and therefore topic-specific content may need to be defined and explained.  
  • Don’t stay quiet! Get in touch if you have any concerns or questions. 
  • This University of Waterloo guide may also be of use. 

Submission guidelines: 

  • Word Count is 800-1000 words. If you think your topic will exceed this, get in touch.  
  • You do not need to include footnotes or endnotes, but please do include a list of references for consulted primary sources or secondary reading at the end of the blog. 
  • If you would like to include images, please check permission prior to submission. Images should be captioned, with alt-text descriptions where appropriate. Image sources should also be listed at the end of the blog. 
  • Please also check any other permission needed from institutions or individuals before submission. 
  • Once submitted, our editor will review your submission and we will return any necessary edits to you. Please return these in a timely fashion, preferably within two weeks.