Aimee McCullough

Aimee McCullough
Institutional Representative Board Member, University of Edinburgh


An ERSC funded project entitled ‘On the Margins of Family and Home?’: Working-Class Fatherhood and Masculinity in Scotland, c. 1970 – 1995′ aims to explore the nature of Scottish fatherhood in late twentieth century Scotland, examine stereotypes and assumptions about Scottish fatherhood in relation to masculinities, and recover the experiences of working-class fathers from the margins of family and home life. Public and political interest in fathers and fatherhood has intensified in recent years. From moral panics over ‘feckless’, absent dads to celebrations of the ‘new’ man, the role of the father has become increasingly visible and discussed in contemporary Britain. Yet fathers have largely remained ‘hidden in history’, often neglected in historical studies of the family, and appearing only on the periphery of family life (if at all). In Scotland, the history of fatherhood – and particularly working-class fatherhood – is almost non-existent. Scottish working-class fathers have more commonly been associated with the ‘public sphere’ of work, politics and male leisure pursuits and presented negatively in public and official discourses of the family. (Supervisory Team: Dr Angela Bartie and Dr Wendy Ugolini)

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