Historical Perspectives Newsletter – December 2022

Here’s your Historical Perspective newsletter for December!

December featured two fantastic events with amazing speakers. Thanks to Katherine, Kremena, Jessica and Luke for speaking with us!

Before we take our winter break, we wanted to highlight that we will be posting a new call for papers in Janurary – keep an eye out for more!

And Alana shares her thoughts on the historical period drama Gilmore Girls.

As always, drop us a line at arts-historicalperspectives@glasgow.ac.uk to get in touch.

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December 2022

The roundup

We hosted our second panel of the year on bringing historical research to life. We were delighted to host Kremena Dimitrova, Katherine Mackinnon, and Jessica Secmeszoy-Urquhart for a fascinating and productive discussion.

Rounding off the month was Luke Thrumble sharing his amazing work on British foreign policy in the Cold War. Eagle-eye followers will have recognised Luke from our Twitter conference in August, and we were delighted to welcome him back to hear more about his research.

Coming up

And now for some hibernation!

We’re signing off until the new year where we’ll be bringing you more Historical Perspectives talks, panels, and beyond. Keep your eyes open for our call for papers for the second semester: we’re looking forward to what 2023 has in store.

A perspective on…Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

I know, I know – how is this historical? Well, it happens in the past (so, checkmate) and it’s key in my own personal history. I think if you cut me open, the script is carved there like a stick of rock. Simply put, ‘Gilmore Girls’ takes place in a cosy small town, follows the titular family over seven years, and contains some of the richest characters and dynamics you’ll find on the silver screen. Or is that nearly two decades of bias talking..? Alana 


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