Guest Blogger Series invitation

Blogging is fast becoming a favourite means of networking and disseminating research, and is a great platform from which to begin to encourage public engagement. At Historical Perspectives, we’ll soon be launching our Guest Blogger series and we would love for you to get involved. Here’s how it works.


  • Reflections on news items related to your research, Universities, academic and Higher Education more generally, or history, culture, museums, historical sites, projects and the like.
  • As the name suggests, as long as it has a historical perspective, we welcome any submission.


  • Nothing inflammatory or discriminatory will be accepted.
  • The word-count shouldn’t exceed 800 words. Blogs are meant to be direct, snappy, and often include a visual element.
  • Blogs will be posted to the HistPer wordpress site: This is also synced with our twitter account @HistorPerspect – so you’ll reach quite a wide audience!
  • You can submit your posts as word documents. We will format it for the HistPer wordpress site.
  • Send any submissions to:

Blogging can be quite spontaneous and dependant on inspiration, so we welcome submissions at any time throughout the year. However, we’d like to get the series up and running as soon as possible and would welcome first submissions as early as 1st September 2016.

All submissions will be subject to a minor editorial process, which will mainly consist of checking for typos, formatting submissions for the blog and ensuring the content is appropriate for posting. If any significant changes are deemed necessary, you will be contacted before anything is posted. We want to represent your work in the fairest way possible.

We look forward to your submissions, everyone! Blogging will be done parallel to the Seminar Series, so you can participate in both. We’re eager to get as many people involved as possible, so invitation to the series isn’t confined to members of Historical Perspectives or historians, exclusively. Feel free to spread this invitation around!


Historical Perspectives Committee.



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