Past Seminars

May 2013
Cristin Marie Sarg (University of Glasgow), ‘Jews and Madness in 19th and 20th Century Britain’
Mark Gallagher (University of Glasgow), ‘From Mental Patient to Service User: Deinstitutionalisation and the emergence of the mental health service user movement in Scotland’

April 2013
Mary Wyne Craig (University of Glasgow), ‘The rule of the Přemyslovci: revolt and unrest in medieval Bohemia’
Ross Crawford (University of Glasgow), ‘Warfare, Militarism and Ritual: Gaelic Scotland in “The Age of Forays”, 1493-1600’

March 2013
William McDougall (Glasgow Caledonian University), ‘From Occupational to Environmental Hazard: The Journey of Asbestos from the 1970s’
Marita Martin Orozco (University of Strathclyde), ‘The marijuana in the Mexican society in the early twentieth century’

February 2013
Chris Miller (University of Glasgow), ‘The New “Merchants of Death”?: Industrialists, the State, and the “Policy-Industry Nexus” of the British Naval Arms Industry, 1918-40’
Stephen Mullen (University of Glasgow), ‘Glasgow in the Atlantic World: the Imperial City and the Politics of Forgetting’

November 2012
Tim Corbett (Lancaster University), ‘Architects of the Jewish Cemeteries in Vienna’

October 2012
Nicholas Sharrer (University of Glasgow), ‘The Impact of Social Housing on Health: Baltimore and Glasgow, 1945 to 1980’
Ellen Glasgow (University of Glasgow), ‘Oral Histories Sampled From a Longitudinal Health Study: Some Methodological Reflections’


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